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Post by Fisky » Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:17 pm

There are lots of complaints about this lottery system review site called and looking into this review site it was found to be run by a marketer named Martin Waterhouse. He has had a few lottery system review sites, one was caught red handed posting complete lies and posting fake comments pretending to be a lottery retailer named Ben who is actually just Martin Waterhouse and just by the way recommends only a lottery system called Win Lotto Systems, which we know now is actually his own system.

Soon after this information was posted on another lottery review forum, Martin Waterhouse deleted that lottery system review site supposed to be run by a person called Ben to cover up his shady tactics, but he still runs his other shady lottery system review site plus another review site called which is also feeding people false foolish information.

Another complaint that many have voiced is the fact when they tried to post a good or bad review on, they were brushed off and told the review will not be posted, this as the owner does not agree with the review. Any review site un-willing to accept a good or bad review on a product or program is not a legit review site and should not be trusted at all regarding any program or product reviews.

Do Not Trust This Review Site It Is Run By A Shady Marketer

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Re: Shady Review Site

Post by CarlCC » Sat Aug 31, 2019 3:39 am

I myself have visited that review site at least a few times in the past. I do remember him also highly recommending a few other systems, The Lotto Black Book, Lotto Dominator by Richard Lustig and yes Win Lotto Systems as well. The guy pretends to be a lottery expert and most likely has fooled many people with his fake reviews. Look at the systems he recommended, they all have been found out top be complete Scams! So there is your proof and back up he is not a lottery expert, he is just a common crook and a dumb one at that.

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