Here is an interesting system that claims the creator of the system won the Powerball 13 times in a 6 month period and will sell you the secret. The seller also claims his family was attacked for the system secret (big laugh).

All we can say is what a bunch of nonsense! First off says won the Powerball 13 times yet no legit proof. Then says family was attacked for the secret of the system, this is the exact B.S scenario used by the fake lotto black book system. Who in their right mind would attack the family for the system secret, they could easily just purchase the system. This system is nothing more than a marketer using lie after lie to grab your money.

We definitely would never recommend such a shady useless system.
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Post by curious292 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 5:00 am

They should not call their system Powerball Winning Strategies if there are no real verified winners who used the system, that is just common sense. I play Powerball and wanted to try their strategies, but requested to see their proof so could verify there were real winners, none was given, so case closed. Then read all the bad reviews from others, now where is this lottery system? It's gone!

Ya I had a feeling when they could not supply the proof of even their so claimed 13 Powerball wins HA, HA, HA, what a joke!

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