Caught Posting Fake/False Negative Reviews

Lottery systems review sites giving negative fake or misleading reviews. Here are the review sites that have been caught giving fake, false, misleading negative reviews on lottery systems and other programs. A false review or statement that hurts a business, is not protected by the right to free speech. You need to know which review sites are misleading people. Never trust any review site that lies, posts fake reviews, and factually incorrect accusations.
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Contact: Caught Posting Fake/False Negative Reviews

Post by admin » Mon Jan 28, 2019 5:24 am

The owner of this shady review website seems to be an Internet marketer named Darren Burton, he posts false negative reviews on products calling them scams to discourage people from buying that product. This shady marketer will call a product a "scam" without giving any solid proof and also lies about the product to make it sound very bad when in fact it is not. The whole purpose of this shady marketers antics is to get your attention by attacking well known lottery systems and other programs, then he tries to direct you to the money making program he is selling which is Wealthy Affiliate.

Any review site that intentionally posts fake or false reviews which hurts businesses/programs in this manner, is the actual Scammer!!!!!

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Re: Caught Posting Fake/False Negative Reviews

Post by LUKEWILLY » Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:12 am

This clown is doing the exact same as another shady review site and they seem to be connected. Both are lying, calling out lottery systems and or programs they say are all scams, this without any proof whatsoever. They are both then pushing people to join their mlm crap money making scheme, they are both con artists. The program they are pushing is actually reported as a fraud on "Ripoff Report".

They do not know much about the programs/lottery systems they bash, they don't care, they are using the programs good names to attract attention, then try and sell their garbage.

Both review sites are connected and they are not from the United States or Canada .... Do Not Trust These Idiots, never ever give them your money or information.

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Re: Caught Posting Fake/False Negative Reviews

Post by LanceNC » Fri Aug 16, 2019 3:53 am

Ya it most certainly looks like a risky review site for sure. Those two review sites seem to know each other and are linked up, be careful these shady people get a hold of your personal information and all hell could break loose for you. Any review site luring people in with fake reviews then having the gull to try and bait you to purchase what they are selling is a definite SCAM!

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