Lotto Dominator also called Lottery Dominator is by Richard Lustig and currently sells the system for $147. Even though Richard has won some lottery winnings, it is not known if he even really used his own Lotto Dominator system. Many others have tried the system and have failed to win anything using the system. The system on many legit lottery system review sites has received mostly all negative reviews. There does not seem to be any real winners who used the system, just many users who failed to win anything with the system. Basically there is no actual system, it is basically just his advice and tips. Seems pretty steep at $147 for an e-book with some advice and tips that you can easily find free online.

We feel this is not a worthwhile system to use, it is yet another system, if you can even call it a system that is just a pure waste of time and money.
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Post by GregDD » Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:06 am

So the way I see it the owner of this system says won the lottery 7 times (not the jackpot) yet gives very little proof if any....and then I find out there is no actual lottery system? It's just a few opinions and tips (not a system) which are found easily all over the internet and are useless.

Then there is factor of why the name change. First was Lottery Dominator then too Lotto Dominator, seems very fishy like changed the name as had serious problems as in tons of bad reviews, which was the case.

Then we have a starting price of about $55 which later went up to $147 ...... WHY? Nothing changed, he (Richard Lustig) for no reason just jacked the cost up and from what I hear did not give refunds even though stated 60 day refunds. So he took people for a ride and gave them a useless lottery system. Something is very fishy about this Richard Lustig as things just do not add up. Well....most all review sites if not selling his system say it is junk, even on some TV show was stated to be a useless way to try to win the lottery.

Hear is the next strange thing about this system. The owner Richard Lustig has died....he is not behind his who is selling it? It would be very un-wise to purchase a system reported as junk and even more silly knowing the owner is not here to run it and give support...seems like a fraudulent program if I ever saw one.

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Post by Fisky » Thu Jun 13, 2019 4:34 am

The Lottery Dominator System has no good reviews and was a stupid set of tips, not even a system at all. The guy played people like a fiddle and took in their money. I have only seen one lottery review site give the system a good review and it looks like that review site may have had something to do with the system nothing else, so was also lying to people saying it was very good.

Here is another bit of info you may have not known, I do not see this forum posting this anywhere so I reveal it now.

Richard Lustig also was selling another lottery system called Lotto Decoded cost was $49 claims that he has again broken the lottery code and has come up with yet another ( high cost) development that’s supposed to help us lottery enthusiasts from across the globe to increase their odds of winning.

If you want to determine if Lotto Decoded really works, keep in mind that Richard Lustig is a sneaky entrepreneur who has developed an affiliate program for the system. This means that affiliates earn a commission each time a person subscribes via their referral. As a result of this as is with many other bogus lottery systems, you will come across a ton of fake reviews that are filled with positive hype and no actual information about the merits of the system at all. This system is just based on hot and cold numbers (basically the same as all lottery software systems) and is a old crappy method as you can easily determine hot and cold numbers for a particular lottery on your own ( free on many lottery game main site)and without spending $49 dollars on a quite useless system.

Buying bogus lottery systems like Lotto Decoded will also automatically subscribe you to email updates and promo messages (aka lots of spam coming your way). You are also at risk of these types of sellers selling your information, just think about that. If they are shady and selling a shady system, what makes you think they will stop at selling your personal info?

Lustig also sells his book for 36 dollars! but most reviewers claim it contains little to no actual information that can help you ( con job ) at it's finest.

Don’t get fooled by the marketing hype of these silly type systems. So far, nobody has come forward to say that they became a lottery millionaire because of Richard Lustig methods. It also looks like Lustig may have spent a lot more on lottery ticket purchases than what he got as a return in the form of winning lottery prizes. No system needed to do that.

Now I guess the same system is being sold but now called called Auto-lotto Processor. Different names same exact Story. This pathetic man had nothing better to do than to steal from the American public or anyone else in the world that will pay for this ridiculous scams. Richard lusting is a con artist from all reports, just another shady seller.

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Post by Reportyou » Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:32 pm

The system is junk and it sells through which is a gateway for con artists selling their junky products like Lottery Dominator. That alone should tell you it would not be wise to bother with that system.

The second reason to avoid is all the bad reviews against the system.

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Post by DOUGLAS » Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:33 am

This Richard Lustig was a fraud, selling a crap system under the pretense it was going to be a worthwhile system to use and win the lottery just like he did. Well you would be very disappointed as many have found out the hard way, there really was no system at all.

Lustig has since died, so i guess that is what you get when you fool people into buying a fake product, in this case his lottery system or i should say his lottery systems as he fooled people with a few of them from what i am reading.

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Post by Sambo1 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 2:54 am

Numerous reviews state the system is really nothing, just hype, not even a real system. People fell for it as the guy got lucky and hit a few good wins, did not even use his own system. He also did not say how much it cost him to hit those wins as he says buys tons of lottery tickets. Anyways horrible system, high cost and tons of very bad reviews. Pure Crap!!!!!!

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Post by J Hagan » Fri Nov 15, 2019 9:31 pm

Oh Boy! This Lustig pulled off a huge con, selling you a high price system which he himself won nothing with. How in the world did this guy pull this con off, must have made millions selling a nothing system, un-real!

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Post by lakehouse12 » Mon Dec 09, 2019 2:11 am

I guess you never can tell who a scammer is. I thought this was a legit system, but it is nothing short of a scam .... so many bad reviews on other review sites on this scam. How could this guy get away with it? Well maybe that's why he died anybody think about that?

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Post by cpanelproducts » Wed Jan 29, 2020 11:41 pm

Wow you think a system is a good one if the guy says he used his own system to win a few times, then find out it's all a fabrication - heard this guy passed away now - maybe it's just deserved for his shady actions?

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Post by yerbuddy » Fri Feb 28, 2020 5:34 am

Hey y'all, i can shed some light on this system .... Lottery Dominator system is 181 pages long, ya, 181 pages of pretty well useless junk and advice, no system at all. Here is the main point of the system .... pick your numbers and just keep playing those numbers WOW! That cost me $147 to get that crappy advice Total Scam!Yes i was one of the unlucky few to fall for this system. I mean really, the guy was on TV, so it must be a real legit method. Well it cost me $147 to find out i was taken by a big scam artist and no, could not get a refund.

Lustig basically pulled off a great con - fooling lots out of their money, but in the end he paid a big price, he died! Don't do this kind of crap to others, you know the saying bad things come to those who steal from others.... that saying is sooo true!

Here is something else you should be made aware of. Lustiq also sells a system called auto lotto processor which again is a high priced bunch of junk. He also seems to be involved with a place (syndicate) called lottolishus and yes you have to pay a fee to join, he pushes this place in his lottery dominator system pdf so most likely he owns this place as well. This guy is tricking people like you would not believe. He is dead now, so why are his programs/systems still up for sale? Who is running them? Something extremely shady going on with this whole Lustig guy stuff.

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Post by jessica811 » Thu Jul 16, 2020 2:02 am

Hooray, no suckers here!

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