Smart Luck System

Smart Luck lottery system has been around for quite some time now and seems to be an ok system. There are some reports of users having good success using it and some users who report poor success. This is a lottery wheeling system sold by a publisher Gail Howard.

This system was voted as third best winning system by poll votes, our recommendation is it is worth a try.
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Re: Smart Luck System

Post by wiki » Thu May 21, 2020 4:03 pm

If you read about Gail Howard you will find out she is all about sales.... she is no lottery expert.... and many of the wheels she sells are copies from other peoples wheels with a high price tag added. She is just like others state, nothing but a publisher selling over-rated wheels with big claims yet nothing to back it up, and this over like 20 years..... very sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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