Silver Lotto

The Silver Lotto System is sold by Ken Silver who is by the way a marketer/publisher not a real lottery expert. The Silver Lotto System at the time of this review claims to give users of the system a big 98% win rate, yet after our investigations could not find a single legit user obtaining even a very small win rate using the system.

We also found there are many poor user reviews and user complaints surrounding this lottery system such as, system does not work anywhere near as good as claimed. Lots of false advertising and testimonials that are highly suspect. Noticed sales page changing wording a lot as knows has been caught with false advertising etc.
This along with many complaints of not honoring his guaranteed refund gives this system and creator of said system an over-all very poor reputation. There is no way we would ever recommend a lottery system that has so many poor users reviews and complaints, plus the systems claim of giving a 98% win rate or winning 8 out of 10 draws is totally ridiculous!

We absolutely do NOT recommend the Silver Lotto System.
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Re: Silver Lotto

Post by Rodrigo47 » Fri Oct 04, 2019 9:39 pm

Do not waste your money on this system, it is a bunch of crap and the owner is a real jerk. This guy Ken Silver told me if i buy the system and did not like it after a few weeks i could get a refund ..... well that was a pure lie! Not only is the system pure garbage and wins you nothing, he refused to give me a refund saying that i just did not apply myself, what a crook this guy is, Stay Away!

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Re: Silver Lotto

Post by GJH329 » Wed Oct 30, 2019 3:38 am

WOW! Looking at this systems reviews on this site and others, the silver lotto system is a system to definitely avoid at all costs. People state so many bad things not only about the system, but by the seller of the system who is a well known con artist who lives in New Zealand. I do not think his real name is Ken Silver, he just uses that name to sell his junk products.

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Re: Silver Lotto

Post by cybre-eye » Mon Jan 13, 2020 4:58 am

Straight Up - the guy is a well known scammer! Sells anything to make a buck and lies through the roof how great the product is. His lottery system is a junk system full of lies. He also lies about how he won 2 million dollars which he can't show you proof, well that's weird right there. He used to stated he runs a publishing company and shows a pic of the bldg, only thing is, it's fake! There is no place at that location called Ken Silver Publishing. This was reported by a very upset person who was taken big by this con artist and reported it to the New Zealand Authorities who investigated and told the person it's all lies, no such place, no such person. Still want to buy this guys lottery system using your credit card? I bet you don't!

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Re: Silver Lotto

Post by ply2win » Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:27 pm

I cannot find even a single positive review on this silver lotto system - the system is an obvious flop!

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Re: Silver Lotto

Post by Ethan » Thu Mar 05, 2020 5:04 am

All I did is google this clown and all came up .... he has been reported as a scammer going back many years.

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Re: Silver Lotto

Post by healthnut » Wed Mar 11, 2020 4:19 am

Silver Lotto System has been out there for at least 20 years and many have stated over that time it's a waste of time system. I even found an article where the system was put up against another well-known system called lotto guy lottery system. The test outcome was the lotto guy system would have made a profit and the silver lotto system would have lost a large amount of money. This was based on using each system for a period of time, no lottery tickets were bought, it was just for fun to see what would have happened. So based on that and the fact many called the silver lotto a scam, you have actual proof the system failed. Silver Lotto is owned by a guy named Ken Silver which is a guy that is fake. A lady got an investigation done to see if the guy was real and the report was, no such guy in New Zealand and no such company called Ken Silver Publishing all fake.

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