Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

With Win Lotto Systems we have yet another high priced lottery software system, which once again we see is stated to be created by another Professor. So Professor William Foster is the claim creator of said system, yet no credentials of any kind as usual to back this up. This is a big red flag as we are seeing way to many of these kinds of systems claiming to be created by Professors, then we find out as we suspected all along, system is actually created by yet another bogus marketer.

Checking for winners who have used this system turned up nothing at all, so for such a claimed good winning system we find again nothing to back it up. As for winning tickets shown on the sellers website, they are all very small winnings and if that is the proof of how good this software/ebook system works, we have done better or just as well using plain old quick picks and random numbers.
We really do not believe this system is created by any professor, it is really nothing special and the only good review on this system is by one review site who pushes the system and is most likely the actual seller. All other reviews on this system have been poor.

Update: Looks like this system that used to sell out of click bank marketplace is now selling out of jvzoo marketplace. We believe the seller left click bank due to numerous complaints the system was receiving.
This system has way to many red flags and we do not recommend it at all!
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Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by Sambo1 » Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:27 pm

System says developed by a "Professor" then numerous reviews state the system is really nothing, just hype. So where is this professors credentials? No professor puts out anything without show his or hers credentials (aspect of a person's background, doctorate degrees, typically Ph.D. degrees or an equivalent qualifications. Seems fishy to me.....unless of course as many have voiced, there is no professor and system is purly just made up by a seller/marketer.

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by CherylWlov » Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:35 am

No professor puts out anything without showing his or hers credentials that is a fact. This system and all associated with it looks very fishy to me. Even other legit lottery system review forums warn about this system being bogus.

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by faruq » Sun May 06, 2018 5:13 am

The system and seller is a liar - so this loser fake professor makes enough money from us to pay his electric bill?....poor mind...he don't even answer me when misery person...we play big and you take our money you fool...don't even get close to win with your false begger...

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by RUKER » Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:09 pm

Obviously the owner/seller of this win lotto systems is not a professor and is lying to sell a product that from what I have read is not worth using and has terrible reviews. I may be old but I'm not senile .... if you are caught lying then your whole system is a lie!

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by Sue1980 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:49 pm

This system is a JOKE!!!! It's an idiotic system designed by an idiot!!!!!!!!

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by Bush119 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 3:55 am

Look what I just dug up on this so called lottery system. Post by another on a different lottery forum says the win lotto systems is really owned by the person who runs this forum ( says the system is very good, but that is because he is the real owner/seller of said system. said created by a professor, so it gotta be decent right? Nope! It's not a good system at all and is full of fake advertising B.S.

Here is an actual copy of a bad user review (borrowed from another lottery review forum) concerning this win lotto systems. Apparently there are many other bad reviews, enough I guess to make seller change from selling on click bank to Jvzoo which is another affiliate marking/selling site.

Here is the actual persons email/review sent in, you need to read this it cofirms the obvious, system is garbage and the true seller is a shifty marketer who poses as running a supposed legit lottery system review forum.

I receive emails from This person seems honest and he recommends Win Lotto Systems on his website, a software that I did not know existed beforehand.

Based on his recommendation, I purchased the captioned software and I believed the hype concerning the guarantees: full refund or 100$ cash if system does not perform as promised.

I followed the recommendations and the system did not perform as promised.

When I requested the 100$ cash guarantee, the vendor refused for a reason that I do not understand because I followed his recommendations found in his e-book that accompany the software and I supplied the scans of tickets purchased as proof as required.

The vendor specifies in his "Win Big by Winning Small First" documentation: "the first step to your Winlottosystem is to determine your budget." My budget is 20$ a week.

Again, according to his own documentation: "Please note, if your budget does not allow you to play as regularly as you would like, you are strongly recommended to only play properly every two weeks or once a month. To adopt any other strategy will waste your money." At a minimum, to play properly as he says, you must purchase 49 tickets to play a complete system as he recommends.

Since I do not like to waste money, that is exactly what I did, I did not play every week. However, I went over my budget using his system. In fact, for an eight week period I spent more than 215$ which is more than my 20$/week budget.
I corresponded with the vendor numerous times, with delays due to him purportedly being on vacation, and eventually I offered that he refund me the purchase price.He accepted and suggested that I proceed via his payment service Clickbank but suggested that if it had been more than 60 days from purchase (which it was as he well knew) they may not accept to refund me. I had not purchased the software via Clickbank because I could not complete the transaction. Instead, we had agreed that I would pay him directly via his Paypal account.

When I reminded him that I had paid via Paypal and requested a refund by Paypal, he stopped answering my emails.
This is why I say that it is a SCAM. He advertises guarantees, but when it comes time to pay them, you get stonewalled and get false excuses and eventually get empty promises.

To add insult to injury, I reported this situation to and asked him to stop recommending a SCAM artist. He replied to my email defending this vendor and furthermore seemed to have more information on hand than I had supplied in reference to my specific case. They seem to be in cahoots together and they may even be the same person for all I know. Anyway, he does not intend to stop recommending this scam artist.

I no longer trust Win Lotto Systems nor and I have unsubscribed from his emails.
I do not wish my name or email address to be public.

Owner of Win Lotto Systems is simply a marketer folks, just be aware!!!!!

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by courtney1981 » Mon Nov 26, 2018 12:18 am

The guy who owns the system called Win Lotto Systems is the same guy who runs a lottery system review site called Lottery Guy (this is NOT the same person who owns the lotto guy lottery system just to clarify) that person goes by Lotto Guy, it's close but not the same.

The lottery guy who is the real owner of the Win Lotto Systems and is also the corrupt lottery guy who runs a corrupt lottery system review site, who criticises other lottery systems except of course the ones that he has an interest in (owns under false names), then tries to push that system hard as being a good system, but of course it is actually a very bad, very poor lottery system. The claims the win lotto systems was developed by a "Professor Foster", is of course a lie, it was developed by him. This is why he won't tell you about who this professor is, or what university/college this imaginary "Professor Foster" works at, lives at, or any credentials, degrees or equivalent qualifications.......Why?.....because their are none!

Stay far away from this bogus Win Lotto Systems, it's a bunch of foolishness thrown together by a corrupt affiliate marketer who lies through their teeth to try and make a buck.....all what he states about other lottery systems is nothing but a lot of hot air, nothing he says is the truth all just a bunch of bull!!!!

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by fortetom » Sun Feb 24, 2019 7:46 am

Sounds like the dude is a "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" ain't no professor gonna act that way that's for sure ..... best just avoid the trashy systems.

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by curious292 » Fri Mar 01, 2019 5:11 am

System is full of crap!!!!! There is no professor, it's a stupid system, it's obsolete as it is a lottery software system which are all no longer worth using.

Lots of people have already said final goodbye to these outdated silly lottery software systems, they are an obsolete lottery winning tactics. All data is completely fee on lottery game websites such a Powerball, Mega Millions and so on. If it says lottery software you know it's a useless system. If it is not software as there are other non software type systems, then might be just fine.

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by goochie » Mon Mar 04, 2019 4:23 am

The dude that owns win lotto systems is 100% the same dude that runs lottery system review website. The same guy tried to sway me into buying win lotto systems and he even tried to recruit me to sign up under him as an affiliate on some lottery syndicate crap, which i think he may have owned as well but not sure.

The guy said to trust him as other systems were full of lies .... well now we all know the only big liar was him. I wonder how many other sites this guy is running and going by different names? Of course he would be pushing some crap program he would want you to join so he can put your money in his pockets. The guy is as Guilty as heck, he is an internet con artist without a doubt.

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