Lotto Dominator also called Lottery Dominator is by Richard Lustig and currently sells the system for $147. Even though Richard has won some lottery winnings, it is not known if he even really used his own Lotto Dominator system. Many others have tried the system and have failed to win anything using the system. The system on many legit lottery system review sites has received mostly all negative reviews. There does not seem to be any real winners who used the system, just many users who failed to win anything with the system. Basically there is no actual system, it is basically just his advice and tips. Seems pretty steep at $147 for an e-book with some advice and tips that you can easily find free online.

We feel this is not a worthwhile system to use, it is yet another system, if you can even call it a system that is just a pure waste of time and money.
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I think this lottery dominator system is history.....only a fool would fall for this garbage. He (Richard Lustig) says is unwilling to give the secret free....oh well no big lose, all what he says to do is just common lottery play strategy that many lottery players already use and have failed to win anything big. People need to understand that a few people out of millions of people are just luckier than the rest, it just the way it is. There is no need to spend $49 or whatever he is charging, there are much better systems far cheaper that will actually help you hit winning lottery numbers much easier. Winning the jackpot is hard, but hitting the smaller wins is not to hard with using a good sound legit lottery system. Also any lottery system that keeps on changing his lotto winning method’s name to escape all plenty of negative reviews is obviously a useless system. This makes it look like the usual get rich swindles we see every day that promises people big money or fast millions, but after you buy it, you quickly realize that you have been ripped-off.

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There is another lottery system called "Lottery Maximizer" owned ..... and being sold by Richard Lustig. You should add a section for this lottery system on your main page, then i can post the info on it so people can find it easier.

I will PM you with the details, will wait for your response.

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Richard Lustig is a huge can artist/Scammer!

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