Win The Lottery Method Is A Joke

Here is yet another lottery software system sold by Alexander Morrison who claims who claims his lottery system will win you the lottery, giving a highly outrageous win rate of 80 percent. Alexander claims he a mathematical genius and the codes for his system he says is stored with full safety in one of the most reliable places in the world and cannot give any details on this. We have seen many so called system from mathematical geniuses, professors and so on, all were not true. Claiming an 80 percent win rate is not real and we have never seen any proof of any winners with this system. Also, the ridiculous statement about the codes for his system being kept in a safe place and cannot give the details means nothing and is a foolish statement, who needs to do that. This is just a typical marketer who make money from allowing affiliates to sell his system, which is only giving you numbers from either random sources or straight off of main lottery games past drawn numbers and is free for anyone to do.

We see this system as yet another nonsense lottery software system and we do not recommend it at all.
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Win The Lottery Method Is A Joke

Post by Doubledown » Mon May 07, 2018 7:50 pm

I just reviewed the system/sales page and I do agree there many highly suspect statements that anyone with a brain can tell this is nothing more than a hyped up system full of testimonials that look fake. The stupidity of what this seller states on his sales shows it’s a gigantic red flag.
States this “I'm receiving threats and attacks from people who have succeeded with my system. It is incredible, but they don't want me to keep sharing the software that has given them a high level of success.” What kind of person would do that, the answer is no one! Then says so buy my system now as site may be removed, WTF! Obviously only a statement a shady marketer would make to get you to buy, did this seller not think before saying these idiotic statements. If says the site may go down, that means all who bought the system just lost their system and their money, so think about It!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Win The Lottery Method Is A Joke

Post by GregDD » Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:49 am

System is called win the lottery method, so whats the method as there are no winners? Who the hell is this clown? Also looks like took the name of another lottery system called Lottery Method, is this the same person? The whole system is a joke, there is no real system and who the hell would issue threats and attacks coming from the people who have succeeded with the system, that is the most stupid thing i have ever heard.. It is incredible all the bull this seller states, i seriously thing he a complete idiot and liar. Anyways....the whole system and the seller is a scam!

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Re: Win The Lottery Method Is A Joke

Post by stop-call » Wed Mar 27, 2019 3:21 am

Well other lottery program review sites also say the system is a flop! Lots of others have said the testimonials look to be fakes.

It is what it is....if it looks fishy....sounds fishy.....reported by others to be fishy.....well you get my drift!

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