Lotto Black Book

Looks like another well known lottery system The Lotto Black Book - which like so many other bogus systems selling through an affiliate market place has now disappeared and no refunds given.
This system fooled many people taking their money using the scenario it was created by a Oklahoma Professor, which of course it was not, it was in fact created by a marketer to make money through sales. Many lottery system review sites pointed out the system was a total fake and recommended not to waste your time or money.We feel bad for those of you who were taken in by this shady system/seller.
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Re: Lotto Black Book

Post by facts1 » Thu Apr 09, 2020 6:48 am

Ya, i also recall seeing this lotto black book scam being recommended by another review site plus another review site that site was linked to as well. Any lottery system review site pushing shady bogus systems are scams themselves.

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