Western Lotto 649

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Western Lotto 649

Post by Fisky » Thu Feb 13, 2020 5:04 am

Here are the new winning prize details about Western Lotto 649 (you do know they have changed?) back in Oct 2014 some of you have not played it for a while i know, so here is a reminder.

Western Lotto 649

$2 Million Dollar Jackpot!

Win $3 for matching only 2 main numbers plus the Bonus number.

Match 2 main numbers to win Free Play prize!

Players will now receive one line of numbers for just $1.00

Overall odds of winning are now even better - 1 in 6.6 to win any prize.

WESTERN 649 draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday.

I really did not care for the jackpot of only previously set at 1 Million, now is set at 2 Million which makes it really worthwhile now to play the game and the tickets are only $1, this is gonna be good, can't wait....I know I'm gonna win like crazy.

You can play WESTERN 649 by Quick Pick, where the Ticket Terminal will randomly choose your selection, or pick your own numbers using a Selection Slip. You can also choose Play Both to receive the same selection(s) on WESTERN 649 and LOTTO 6/49. Refer to the Play Both box below for more information.

Ask for a WESTERN 649 Quick Pick or select six numbers from a field of 1 to 49 on the slip. You can play up to six WESTERN 6/49 plays on one ticket.
Add EXTRA for an additional $1 per number*. You can add up to six EXTRA (one per each WESTERN 649 purchase) by specifying it with your Quick Pick request or by marking “Yes” under each board played.

Play 1-25 draws. Tell the retailer how many draws or mark the number on the slip. For a number not shown on the slip, leave it blank, and the retailer can enter any number from 1-25. Learn about Advance Play.
*The EXTRA number(s) is valid for the same draw date(s) as the Host Game listed at the top of your ticket.

Western Lotto 649 Odds For Hitting A Jackpot (6 out of 6 numbers) are 1: 13,983,816

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