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February 3, 2020 A Virginia man Bob Ogrodnik saw a news report stating that the Mega Millions lottery ticket bought at the 7-Eleven on Kings Grant Road in Virginia Beach was a $1 million winning ticket. He said his first thought was, “Well, maybe that was me.” it turns out, it WAS him a man bought three tickets for the January 14 Mega Millions drawing, and one of them matched the first five winning numbers to win the $1 million prize. The only number he missed was the Mega Ball number.

On February 3, he returned to the store to receive his big check from the Virginia Lottery. He split the prize with his son-in-law, Bill Schouboe. The store also received a $10,000 bonus for selling the big winning Mega Millions ticket.

The winning Mega Millions numbers were 9-11-13-31-47, and Mega Ball number 11. He used an Easy Pick which allowed the computer to randomly select the numbers on his ticket.


Then back on November 8, 2019 Dave Hodges got a phone call from his wife. She was calling to tell him he had won the $1 million Mega Millions in the October 29 Mega Millions drawing.It happened with a ticket he bought at the Food Lion in Gainsborough Square in Chesapeake, Va. Mr. Hodges, who lives in Suffolk, Va had matched five winning numbers, only missing the Mega Ball number.

The winning Mega Millions numbers were 4-9-17-27-39, and Mega Ball number was 22. He selected the numbers on his ticket using a combination of his favorite numbers and some random numbers.

His ticket was the only one in Virginia to match the first five numbers in that drawing and one of just two nationwide. No ticket matched all six numbers to win that night’s estimated $105 million jackpot.

These two very lucky lottery winners were both from Virginia!

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