Mark Bower Lottery System

Lots of affiliates were pushing this system, telling you it was a great winning system. We on the other hand informed you it was not a good winning system and was also full of false advertising and nonsense so should avoid it. See who was telling you the truth! It was not he affiliates or the seller of the system, it was us.
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Mark Bower Lottery System

Post by admin » Thu Oct 15, 2015 3:03 pm

As we predicted many of these so called great sounding lottery system making outrageous win rate claims would go under, this is one of those systems.

Many people feel for the system based on false advertising on the sales page and now have been left high and dry, no system and no refund. This is another system that sold through click bank that never should have been let through, it was easy to see it was fake.

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Re: Mark Bower Lottery System

Post by ggrant » Sat Mar 31, 2018 4:25 am

It's amazing how many of these con artists systems are being played up on other lottery system review sites. This was one many of these bogus review sites told people to buy, they were affiliates also selling the crappy system. I know this one is now gone....ran off with all members money and ditched the system. People should learn by now it the system sells through any place like click bank, JVZoo, software projects and others that allow it to be sold by affiliates, it is a bogus lottery system, all fake garbage.

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