Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

With Win Lotto Systems we have yet another high priced lottery software system, which once again we see is stated to be created by another Professor. So Professor William Foster is the claim creator of said system, yet no credentials of any kind as usual to back this up. This is a big red flag as we are seeing way to many of these kinds of systems claiming to be created by Professors, then we find out as we suspected all along, system is actually created by yet another bogus marketer.

Checking for winners who have used this system turned up nothing at all, so for such a claimed good winning system we find again nothing to back it up. As for winning tickets shown on the sellers website, they are all very small winnings and if that is the proof of how good this software/ebook system works, we have done better or just as well using plain old quick picks and random numbers.
We really do not believe this system is created by any professor, it is really nothing special and the only good review on this system is by one review site who pushes the system and is most likely the actual seller. All other reviews on this system have been poor.

Update: Looks like this system that used to sell out of click bank marketplace is now selling out of jvzoo marketplace. We believe the seller left click bank due to numerous complaints the system was receiving.
This system has way to many red flags and we do not recommend it at all!
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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by Jim55 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:22 am

Hey All! Remember the lottery system called Lotto Black Book? Who was stated to have created the system? A Professor, What? What are the odds there would be two systems created by Professors?

Lotto Black Book was caught as being a lie - no such Professor and is now run off with peoples money and no refunds. So now we have Win Lotto Systems who says is developed by wait a minute - another Professor! What are the odds of that and no proof! Selling fake systems based on it was developed by a Professor seems to be a gimmick or what i call a lie!

Do not fall for this bull, the Win Lotto Systems has been verified to be a complete lie, No Professor, just a bad seller who wants your money and will lie to get it. I would bet many folks are mad at being fooled by this seller of Win Lotto Systems. He should be very careful as bad boys may get an ass whooping when unexpected.

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by P71Panther » Tue Apr 02, 2019 2:52 am

Sounds like this A-Hole is a real dirt bag ... caught in his many layers of lies ... he had better watch himself, he has most likely pissed off many people. He better have health-insurance coverage, people do not like scammers!

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by J Gastive » Thu Jun 27, 2019 3:37 am

I no longer trust Win Lotto Systems or as they are one in the same. I have unsubscribed from this scammers emails. The same person who rants and raves how good Win Lotto System is same clown who runs, he tricks people, lying to them, pretends to be oh so truthful, but in reality he is a scammer!

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by Dorie » Wed Jul 24, 2019 4:22 am

I know there is no such professor who created this system, well at least now i know - I almost fell for the it and just as a few others have said the guy running that lottery system review forum tried to push me hard to go with it, i felt he was pushing too hard, now i see why. So he most likely is the true creator/owner of the system and is using his review forum as a cover to push it, yet hides the fact he is the owner, that's very nasty!

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by goochie » Thu Sep 26, 2019 12:18 am owner is the owner of Win Lotto Systems. He runs that review site possibly others as well with his self regard swagger and extreme narcissism are all on display, won't allow a review to be posted unless he himself agrees with it. You get the sense that he is so eager to strut his stuff and have the public see it, that it overwhelms any sense on his part of running a fair lottery system review site. Just stay clear of anything this guy is involved with he is a "trickster".

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by BroylesCC » Mon Sep 30, 2019 4:31 am

Created by a professor? Well well well, isn't that special! If i remember correctly there are a number of lottery systems stated they too have been created by guess what? Yes a professor as well .... what are the odds of that huh?

Yes I found them, here are those systems stating all created by a professor.

Win Lotto Systems

Formula 1 Lotto System

Lotto Black Book System

Now after searching reviews on these systems, i have found that all 3 have been reported by quit a few as Scams! Not one of these systems gives any real proof of who they are. Just made up names, some to faces but cannot find these people. If any program such as a lottery system etc was created by a professor, they would give details about themselves to prove it. Of course if you are fake or fraud there will be no solid proof.

Now for the system in question Win Lotto Systems. I have found out the real owner of the system is also the owner of a lottery system review site which is backed by many as verification to this. I also say the whois which someone caught this guy without privacy which showed the websites he owned and yes he is the verified owner of Win Lotto Systems and no doubt about it.

Win Lotto System is nothing more than a fraud, feeding people fake details to lure them into buying a fake system. The real strange part is the person who owns this system tries to hide the fact he is the owner, that is very nasty for one, whats even nastier is he lies to people on his review site bashing all systems but give big praise to Win Lotto Systems. To me this guy is a nut job trying to fill his pockets with our cash to better his life and ruin others peoples lives in the process. Hell maybe he owns all 3 of those systems created by fake professors think about that.

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by gerald45 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 5:26 am

Well, Well, Well, isn't that interesting? Three lottery systems all using the created by Professor B.S, all of these systems are now reported as scams - One of the systems The Lotto Black book had went under as in now gone. The other two are still out and still trying to fool people into buying their bogus systems. Marketing hype, well not really, these are full blown lies as there are no Professors who created any of these systems. I think that is a criminal offence ... find and jail these dirt bags!!!!

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Developed By Professor?

Post by N Barr » Sun Jan 19, 2020 5:18 am

So this system is another one that says created by a Professor? Just how many systems are out there stating the same scenario - I don't buy into it either, it does not make any sense, so why even bother.

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