Win Lotto Systems Rated As Poor System

With Win Lotto Systems we have yet another high priced lottery software system, which once again we see is stated to be created by another Professor. So Professor William Foster is the claim creator of said system, yet no credentials of any kind as usual to back this up. This is a big red flag as we are seeing way to many of these kinds of systems claiming to be created by Professors, then we find out as we suspected all along, system is actually created by yet another bogus marketer.

Checking for winners who have used this system turned up nothing at all, so for such a claimed good winning system we find again nothing to back it up. As for winning tickets shown on the sellers website, they are all very small winnings and if that is the proof of how good this software/ebook system works, we have done better or just as well using plain old quick picks and random numbers.
We really do not believe this system is created by any professor, it is really nothing special and the only good review on this system is by one review site who pushes the system and is most likely the actual seller. All other reviews on this system have been poor.

Update: Looks like this system that used to sell out of click bank marketplace is now selling out of jvzoo marketplace. We believe the seller left click bank due to numerous complaints the system was receiving.
This system has way to many red flags and we do not recommend it at all!
Luke Styles
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Re: Win Lotto Systems Rated As Poor System

Post by Luke Styles » Fri Feb 01, 2019 5:56 am

I myself have not shelled out the $47 or so for the software system, but have read others reviews who have used the system and it does not look very approving to say the least. Anyways the system is a software system, they are not considered use full any longer, so not worth using to begin with.

Here is something that might peek your interest - the real name of the owner who is not a professor at all, but a software developer he is and is also an Internet Marketer - you get my drift? Now the big finale! The real owner of this system is also running a lottery systems review site called and that is the review site many people say they were pushed towards that system Win Lotto Systems. This was all verified by some guy on another forum who showed proof that a certain company name was associated with 2 lottery system review sites, one of them being, also was associated with the lottery system Win Lotto Systems. The investigator stumbled on this after the owners of these review sites and Win Lotto Systems forgot or did not want to pay the added expense to put on privacy so that the registered name will show what sites he owns, that's 100% solid proof the system and the review site is a con job.

Here is another point to think about. Some person pointed out the picture/photo of the owner on was a fake, now if you go to the review site guess what? No more picture/photo, where did it go? I'm sure if I wanted to dig deeper I could find and post more juicy dirt concerning this Win Lotto Systems and the shady as hell review site.

It's no wonder this dude tries to hide all from the public, he has so many lies he is living on the edge and eventually his nose will grow like Pinocchio and push him off the edge! Night Night All!

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Rated As Poor System

Post by LanceNC » Sat May 11, 2019 1:39 am

So the real owner of this Win Lotto Systems lottery system is also same person running a lottery systems review site called Is this guy the one who says " Oh My" and "Oh Dear" in his post replies and on his email replies? If it is, then he was the person who pushed win lotto systems when I asked a question on that review site. I asked the guy about his thoughts on a few other systems that others say are good, he bashed all of them. He only pushed win lotto systems, now I see clearly why he did that. Those other lottery systems are not bad systems, they are actually very good systems, he just beat them down to try and convince you to buy his system, even though he states he is not the owner - he now has been caught as a "Huge Liar" and his so called great lottery system is is otherwise WORTHLESS!. I will inform as many others as I can to this fact, this low life must go down for his shady antics.

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Re: Win Lotto Systems Rated As Poor System

Post by Reportyou » Fri Jun 28, 2019 4:08 am

Win Lotto Systems ( came out as a poorly performing system and the claim it was developed/created by a professor is total BS -

Some review sites recommend this system, but on closer look, it is because the review site is connected to that system then seems to all connect to this review site That same guy also was caught as the owner of another review site (can't re-call the name) but others found his secret out and the review site was shut down. N

Never trust any lottery system claiming it was created by a professor that would never happen, it's always a Big Lie!!!!!!!!

This system costs a lot, gives you a ton of crap to read and if you have the time to read it all you will find that using the system will cost you a lot of money. I have never seen any real winners come forth and show any good winnings, but I have read people who have used the system and were very disappointed with it. Some say they spent a lot of time and money trying this system and get nothing in return.

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