Smart Luck System

Smart Luck lottery system has been around for quite some time now and seems to be an ok system. There are some reports of users having good success using it and some users who report poor success. This is a lottery wheeling system sold by a publisher Gail Howard.

This system was voted as third best winning system by poll votes, our recommendation is it is worth a try.
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Smart Luck System

Post by Lea82 » Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:26 am

I have been looking into a few systems and this one in particular has been around for a very long time - were talking 20 years plus and that being the case system shows very little in the way good win rates amongst actual users. I think I need to remind people that the creator/seller is not really an expert in the lottery, just a publisher. Yet I guess a few users have done ok using it, more than likely just pure luck. Also looking at this systems testimonials kinda freaks me out - they look totally fake to me and very old, just saying...

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Re: Smart Luck System

Post by 7070 » Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:56 am

Ahhh! That system is as old as the hills. If you have browsed other forums most all say that system is over the hill. I think it's been around for like 19 years or so. I would look for better systems and focus more so on them.

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Re: Smart Luck System

Post by Dilon442 » Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:03 pm

I think the key word here is "Publisher" Gail Howard is a writer/publisher and is not in any way shape or forum a lottery expert. Many years back she took wheels from whatever book and eventually just said they were her own. These wheels are yes old as the hills as another person has stated and will not be as good as more up to date wheels seen with other systems. You could say that Gail is a copy cat, taking pieces of other systems and giving it out as her own just in a slightly different way, but still is a copy cat and has nothing of value as a system of her own. Would I take lottery winning advice from a publisher? Hell No!!!!! That would be like take driving advice from a kid who plays driving video games, sorry not the same as taking advice from a real legit pro.

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Re: Smart Luck System

Post by Luke Styles » Fri Feb 01, 2019 5:24 am

HMMMM Yes! Publisher, that would make a lot of sense as the system has been around for ages and the testimonials are very old (most likely not even real) So being a publisher/writer she is always searching and gathering any bits and pieces of other peoples strategies, then putting them in as her own and calling herself a lottery expert.

I know of another publisher/writer who does the exact same and calls himself a lottery expert as well. Does the name Ken Silver owner of the Silver Lotto System ring any bells? His system is full of bits and pieces of other systems, he copies and steals then puts it in as his own system and calls himself a lottery expert.

Publishers and writers are "NOT LOTTERY EXPERTS" they are copy cats who sell other peoples ideas/systems trying to fill their pockets with your money.

None of these systems by publishers are any good and if you look hard enough you can find all the lies, false testimonials and so on.

I believe there will be only be a total of around 3-6 actual legitimate lottery systems that do something use full, the rest are just gimmicks looking to pick your pockets and run off with your cash.

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Re: Smart Luck System

Post by Reportyou » Mon Jun 17, 2019 4:34 am

Don't be fooled by their marketing, Gail Howards systems are nothing more than made up and copied from other sources off the Internet. Gail Howard is no lottery expert, she is a publisher, I will state that again, "She is a publisher." Publishers get there information from other sources and then copy them, these systems are basically old as the hills, still she charges you as if they were fresh and working like magic, which they are neither.

Move on and find a better wheeling system as most of these sellers wheels are garbage and just hype!

Colleen Macy
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Re: Smart Luck System

Post by Colleen Macy » Wed Jul 31, 2019 6:49 am

Ok well riddle me this? If this Smart Luck is for real, where are all the users that won using the system? I can't find any, yet i can find quiet a few who have failed using the system. It it looks like the system is crap, and smell of crap, then it most likely is crap!

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