The Lotto Black Book lottery system has been around for a while now and has had many reviews by actual users, all by the way are bad reviews. The only good reviews are from the seller/affiliates who sell the system so not real reviews.
This system is advertised to have been created by math professor Larry Blair, this has now been proven to be false, there is no professor who created the system. The creator of the system is a marketer and a shady one at that. System has been reported by many users and review sites to be all hype, full of false advertising, using phony testimonials and lies just to sell a virtually useless system that has no real winners.
This lottery system is nothing special, it's full of B.S, designed by a marketer not a professor. Just a gimmick system designed to make money by sales, it does not win lottery.

We do NOT recommend this system at all!!!
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