Formula 1 Lotto System is another lottery software system claiming to be created by once again another Professor. This time the so called creator of the system is Glen Hooke a MIT Professor that states it took him 27 years to created the system, but oh wait, it used to state he took only 9 years to create said system. Sounds like this Professor is very mixed up, looks very fishy indeed. Also as usual no credentials to prove is a real Professor.

We know for a fact the system was created by a marketer, not by any Professor. One lie always leads to the next and in this case we find fake reviews by affiliates and the seller and not one single real review that we can find by a real winner using the system. This system like so many other lottery software system is full of nonsense, it is just a gimmick system designed to make money from your sale, nothing more.
We do not recommend this system at all!
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